Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Long Time No Blog

So, it's been a long time, eh! Sorry about that, I've been very busy. Senior year is supposed to be our slacking year, but no, not me. I have to work nearly everyday, I have to study for Advanced Placement Government, and just general ickyness around the house and school.
But the money saving for my Mac is going well. I have $408, and I'm getting $25 more for taking a survey on Saturday. I've just decided to take all the money I get for graduation gifts, combine it with my Income Tax returns and go from there. I'll hopefully have enough by the time I have to go to college.
When I haven't been working and doing homework, I've been spending more time with my family because I know my time with them is getting shorter. So we've been watching movies together. So far we've seen The Prestige, Flushed Away, The Holiday, Over the Hedge, Happy Feet, Madea's Family Reunion, Casino Royale, Lucky # Slevin, The DaVinci Code, Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties, and The Omen. Those are all the one's I can remember right now.
And, because the school requires it, I've been reading a lot more. I like to read, but they require us to take a certain amount of tests before we graduate.
This increase in reading isn't bad, because now I'm writing more. I'm writing at school (cause it's one of the only places I can get a chance to write). Yes, I'm writing again, and it feels so good! I'm taking what's already written and planning out the whole novel from there so I don't hit a wall and get stuck. It's going smoothly, but the story as a whole feels like it's gonna be a whopper, because I've got a lot of it planned out, and the adventure that I planned my characters to go on has barely started.
Well, that's all the updates I've got so far. I'll try to post more often so you guys aren't hanging on your seat with suspense, ha ha.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Holy Freakin' Cash!

My mom has been on me about getting a laptop to take to college, because she doesn't want me to lug my whole computer up there because, 1. it's big (duh), and 2. my roommate might bring one. If I have my own personal one I can do whatever and we won't have to share/make room for two computers. Sounds good to me.
Meanwhile, I love making movies, editing pictures, making music and silly songs, writing stories, so I want a computer that can do all that very well. My first thought was, "Oh, I've heard Macs can do all that." I know they can edit software very well, the videos to Marketland and Bad Idea, two songs by my favorite group, Lemon Demon, showed me that. (BTW, Bad Idea's music video isn't as good as the animated video by TMST, found here, but it's still very good, and shows quite a bit of what a Mac can do. Oh and Marketland's video is fantastic!)
Besides those two videos, I found out that Holly Lisle, my favorite author, uses a Mac. My aunt told me she's had a Mac for 12 years and it's never crashed once. This convinced me to look into a Mac. Surely they must have laptops like PC's. They do.
I went to the Apple website and clicked on "Buy a Mac." I found the link to MacBooks ("Oh, that must be like the PC's 'notebook'.") And the starting price for MacBooks? *drumroll*
I almost passed out. So now I'm faced with the daunting task of raising $1100 before I go off to college in August. Sounds simple? It's not. I have bill to pay--teenage car insurance, car payment, house bill, water bill, gas bill, because I have to help my family with the bills since we lost our jobs a few months ago. We're lucky to have the that we have now (I use lucky sparingly, those of you who some of my previous posts know how I feel about my job). I'm hoping that my graduation announcements we just mailed out will get me enough (with the addition of my tax money) to get a MacBook that comes with everything I like and everything I need.
Fingers crossed. Here's hoping.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my birthday! Yeah, I know, "ha ha, you're birthday is on April Fool's day. You're an April Fool's baby!" Well, I haven't been able to write that much. Friday I had to work, Saturday we had company, and Sunday we spent all day pull the carpet out of our house--it's really nasty old carpet and we're getting new, happy carpet!! Green carpet!! (the old was brown) I really hope they say they can put it in tomorrow, because I want new carpet. You really couldn't understand how bad the carpet was unless you'd seen it (and walked across it) yourself. It was 15 years old, it's not like we're grungy people, but it smelled aweful and it was sticky. It didn't used to be that bad, it was dirty, yeah, but it was okay, but something was put on it to clean it, and it wasn't removed entirely and then it dried, leaving the carpet dirty and sticky. But now it's gone!
Anyway, I know it's random, and it's not really that much news, but by golly I'm excited about it.
Oh, and I got Monty Python and the Holy Grail 3-disk special edition for my birthday. And that's awesome.