Sunday, December 31, 2006

To You and Yours

I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.

Friday, December 29, 2006

And a Happy New Year

Hey gang!
Christmas is over, and I'm depressed. I really love Christmas, it is my abosolute favorite holiday, and by November I'm humming Christmas carols under my breath, just waiting for the Christmas season to get here. Now that it's over, it's hard to let go. I tried to fill the void by gluttonizing (is that even a word?) on Chirstmas cookies, but I started to balloon over 400 pounds and decided to lay off. However, with the new year approaching rapidly, I'm getting excited. My family always just kinda hangs out and stuff when the new year comes. It's fun, and when the ball drops we drink sparkling red grape juice and sing that song I can never remember the words to. Something about "For all the grapes that we have stomped and got all on our feet..."? Unfortunately I have to work that night, so my celebrating will start late, around 10 or 10:30. That aggrivates me, but I'll get over it.
On the writing front, I've written some in Jerucia, and some in Clairvoyant, but not much. The holiday season kicked my butt. Everytime I thought I might get a chance to write, I had something else I had to do. Christmas Eve traveling, a wedding, a birth, Christmas traditions, and work in between, I've had my rear kicked. However, I'm setting aside tomorrow to write all that I can.
Now for Christmas news. I'm happy to report that I got a few things that I've been pining for a while. I got a digital camera, which will mean nifty new pictures on this site when I get the chance, and a printer/scanner, which means even more nifty stuff I can add to the site. I also got an Mp3 player, which is great. No I can fit all the songs I listen to onto one little thing instead of having to burn a new cd everytime I want some new music. Also I got a flash drive--which means that I don't have to worry, my stories will no longer be clogging up my hard drive--and I got BROTHER ODD!! I'm not quite finished yet, but I'm going to have my nose stuck in the book so deep the ink will rub off on it when I get off of here. It's fantastic so far, just like I thought it would be.
News about the podcast: I have been forming ideas for what I want it to be about, and I've got notes jotted down here and there, but nothing recorded yet because I've been way to busy. The podcast is a low priority thing right now.
In other news, I've changed the look of the site (again). I know, you must be tired of me jumping around, but I'm striving for a unique look, which I think I've achieved (finally). The new site pic, and the background make me feel much better. I'll leave this one for a while, because I really do like it.
Also, I've added two new pages to the site: a page dedicated to New Years Resolutions. Go there if you visit my site and type yours in the commenting section. I'm not going to type my resolutions. Why? Because I haven't made any, and I'm not gonna. Do you know why? Because I shouldn't have to change to please someone else, I like myself the way I am. Everyone else should have to change to please me! I don't have to change, I'm perfect, and if someone doesn't like me, it's probably because my perfection shows them their flaws and instead of facing their faults they make up faults for me to make me seem less than what I am--perfect. Yup, that's why I'm not making New Years Resolutions...or maybe it's because I know I won't keep them.
Also, I added an opinion page. I'll type reviews of stuff that I've read or watched recently, just to give you an idea of what I've been doing and some recommendations you might like.
Taya and Anne's podcast that is supposed to have me in it has been haulted for now. Taya's mp3 player has been stolen and so she can't record it. I hope she gets a new one, or gets the old one back. I'd hate it if mine were gone. I keep it on me like it's grown attached.
Anyway, that's all for now. Make sure to check out the New Years Resolutions page and post your vows for the new year.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

T'was two days before Christmas

Hey everyone!
Well, Christmas is fast approaching and the amount of self control that I'm showing should be applauded. Everytime I go into my living room I have to stop myself from ripping all my presents open. Sometimes I even foam at the mouth, but on those rare occasions my mom just gives me a shot and I get all calm and sleepy.
Anyway, I love Christmas and I'm really excited that It's so close. I've been listening to Christmas carols, and I've even had a few play in my sleep. For a while I was afraid I'd go postal if I heard "I Want a Hippopatumus for Christmas" one more time. Luckily I went postal after hearing Jingle Bells rock instead. By postal I mean I started whipping out Christmas cards faster than Martha Stewart if she were hocked up on steroids and caffine.
Since my mailing is all done so early, I've been able to relax. I've written a little on Clairvoyant, but I've mostly been working. Working really cuts into my writing time. If the local Walmart would just let me buy things with either my looks and charm, or with a personal IOU, I'd just not work so often, but since only one clerk has accepted that excuse, I guess I'll just work until I feel don't need money anymore.
One major bright spot is that I don't have to work for the next three days. I do have to go to a meeting tomorrow, but I'm praying that'll be short. Other than that I plan on writing, going to my grandparents house for Christmas Eve traditions, and not sleeping the rest of the night, and then tearing through the house like the Tasmanian Devil on speed at 5:00 Christmas morning. Oh yeah.
On the writing front, I've gotten inspiration for both Jerucia and Clairvoyant and I will be writing on those over Christmas break. I love this no school thing. It helps free up some time to write, and I plan to write. If I weren't so tired, I'd be writing something other than this.
I've been reading a lot more lately. I've been reading The Elf Queen of Shannara by Terry Brooks, Eldest by Christopher Paolini, and Don't Stand Too Close to a Naked Man by Tim Allen. That book is a riot. I laughed so hard I couldn't breath.
I'll be adding a new page on here for reviews of stuff. My first reviews will be for the movie Eragon and a few other things. For those wondering what my take will be on Eragon, here's a preview: once when I was little, I was walking on the balance beams at school and fell. I remember excruciating pain. It was less painful than the movie adaption of Eragon, which is sad because I love the book.
Also, one more thing before I go, J. K. Rowling has posted the title to book 7 on her website! Go to and they have it, or you can try to open the forbidden door on her site. If I were you, I'd do the door. I love doing things myself.
Anyway, I found the stretchy pants. They actually went back down to their original size. They amaze me, and that's why I bought them: for their durability. And with two large Christmas meals and a whole load of holiday goodies to stuff myself with over the next several days I'm going to need those.
May you and your family have a very Merry Christmas, and a very happy holiday season.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Post-Thanksgiving, Pre-Christmas

Well, they managed to get me out of the house on Thanksgiving. I consumed 4 times what a normal human should have been able to consume, and by the end of the night I looked like that girl from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. They rolled me to the door, but since I was at my grandparents house and not a fun filled candy factory, the doors would not accomodate my enormous size. They had to push and cram and call in the National Guard, the Marines, and some sumo wrestlers from Japan, but they managed to get me out the door. I've deflated since then, but another big eating holiday is coming up, so I'm digging out my stretchy pants again.
Christmas is right around the corner, and I had a ton of trouble picking out what I wanted to get the people who tolerate me this year...I mean my friends...for Christmas. I finally found the right stuff, after four hours of mind racking. I put a ton of thought into my gifts...or maybe I'm just a terrible shopper.
I'm trying to update the site, which is going a lot slower than I thought. I'm so tired from work and school that I barely care if I get any writing done. However, an inspiration tidal wave hit me two weeks ago and I wrote 3000 extra words to Jerucia, which was great, because I hadn't touched that story in a while. I've written two more chapters onto Clairvoyant, but haven't had time to write much this week, and so I'm pretty tired and annoyed that I have to work all this week. I don't have another day off until Sunday, and that's the day we have the Christmas party.
However, some bright spots in my days since Thanksgiving: I went skating for the first time in 5 years last Saturday, and tomorrow I'm going to go see Eragon. I'm a little worried about Saphira. A lot of the dialoge in Eragon is telepathic conversations between Eragon and his dragon. Since I haven't seen a commercial with Saphira's voice yet, I'm worried about who they've cast, if anyone.
Also, I'd like to add a little news. Holly Lisle, one of my favorite authors, has posted an article recently about how chain bookstores policies of buying books can hurt an up and coming writer's career. I was very grateful to find this article, because now I have a heads up about how publishing and business work. However, with the evidence she's shown, and to support midlist writers, I'm going to try to shop at mostly indie bookstores. Who knows, I may need their help someday. I'll have to use online indies because we don't have any indies here, only Walmart. If you shop at a chain bookstore, or work at one, don't be offended by the article. Just buying the book means that you're supporting the writer's cause, and you can always try to counter the buying policy by handselling midlist authors. Suggest them to your friends, request to your boss that you stock them, put reviews up on and other sites. That way, you can help out a career.
I've got tons of new stuff updated on the sites, explore around, because I made my site go through an overhaul.
Well, that's all I've got for now. I'll update again at least once before Christmas, but until then, Happy Holidays and remember that Santa is checking his list, and if you don't watch out, you'll go on his special list. That's the third list, the one he doesn't tell anyone about. That's his personal vendetta list, and Christmas Eve, he's really gonna deck something, but I doubt it's someone's halls. Just a warning.
'Til next time,

Saturday, November 18, 2006

We must move on...

It's been a while since my last post. I moved through the stages of grief very slowly. You know: Denial, Anger, Sadness, Waking up wearing a wasp costume and begging for change on the street corner...all the usual steps in grief. Now I think I can move on. I have accepted that my little red warrior is dead, but I know he's in a better place...spiritually. Physically he's in the city dump.
Anyway, off of the saddness and on to the happiness. I've written more of Clairvoyant, but I haven't typed it out yet, which is why the WIP bar hasn't moved any. Don't worry, I will get on that shortly. And also, because stress is lifting a little--a little, I'm still stressed, but as much--I've begun copying down the religion for Zhivtor again. I didn't get finished because all writing accept Clairvoyant, which was my escape from the stress, took a backseat to real life. Next in Zhivtor is character design. You can't have a novel without characters. Well you could, but it would be 500 pages of grass growing and animals eating eachother, and you can watch that without paying 20 bucks for the hardcover on the Discovery Channel.
I updated my Story Information page, with a little info on Jerucia.
And finally, I've added a new page: The Writing on the Wall. Episode One of my new podcast series. Whoo!! It was fun to make, especially after I got a new microphone. The first draft was recorded with a pair of headphones. Not a headset, headPHONES. That was bad quality. I sounded like Mushmouth with a stuffy nose. Mushmouth, for you who are normal teenagers and not nerds like me, is a character from the 70's cartoon Fat Albert. Yes, there was a movie made about them, and it was good. If you watched it, I am proud. You earn a gold star. Please write your name under the "I'm A Good Student" heading on the board.
Anyway, I've also added to my Special Page.
The Writer's Talks with Aurelen and Annie are awesome, and are breaking up writer's block like a red-hot hammer to a glacier.
So anyway, that's it! Enjoy the podcast, and I've added a feature for you to send me questions in the Suggestions form. You can skip everything and just fill that out if you want, but remember to send me feedback, because hearing from fans of my blog is great. It lets me know I'm not talking to myself all the time.
'Til next time,

Friday, November 10, 2006

An Emotional Eulogy

Today I would like to express my remorse. I have killed, and I am posting this to express my sorrow for what I have done.
Today at 4:29 PM in my kitchen, I encountered a true warrior. This warrior was clad in crimson, and fought valiantly. When he finally fell from my wall and encountered the bottom of my shoe, I immediately felt that something great had just passed from this world.
Vespula rufa is the scientific name given to all red warriors of the sky, but we more commonly know them as red wasps. It brings me sadness to say that one of those fierce brave spirits has perished doing his duty.
He was a good wasp, a brave wasp. I named him Timothy Millhouse Merryweather Thompson VII. His body was extracted from the bottom of my shoe with a flyswatter and placed ceremoniously in the trash.
Hopefully he ascended into Valhalla where he will face off with his fellow warriors for eternity in the day and feast from the pig of eternity all night for all time.
I request that each and every one of you take a moment to remember this brave soul.

The stress has to lift soon.

Hey, guys! Long time no post, huh? It's been a heck of a week.
At work, I'm having trouble. I'm scheduled all the time, and it seems like I'm the only one that knows how to do the job. It's really stressful. I've had to cover for people twice so far and I'm tired of it.
I've thought about writing "I quit!" on the walls with an artistic blend of ketchup, mustard, and barbecue sauce from the squirt bottles, but I'd probably get arrested, then they'd find the warrants of my arrest from Halloween, and then a whole new can of worms would be opened...
So I just drudge drearily through the day, and allow myself wonderful day dreams of beating them all in the head with fry baskets.
On the positive front, I got 2000 words on my Medium story, and it feels great! It's moving along well, it's entertaining, it's funny, and it's a nice break from the monotonous, wanna-beat-my-head-against-the-wall-until-I'm-a-twitching-pathetic-mass-of-a-person feeling that I get from work.
So there you have it, stress is catching up with me, but writer's talks with Aurelen and Anne have been very helpful to deal as well. Thanks guys.
Well, it's late, I'm tired, and I'm gonna go to bed.

Friday, November 3, 2006

Medium of the way

I was watching this show called Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead today. It's a really interesting show about a lady who's supposed to be a medium--someone who can communicate with the dead--from Britain. The show is great, and it makes you wonder whether she really does have this power or not.
I knew someone who could communicate with the dead. He had a room full of stuffed animals that he'd made. He'd walk around petting them and whispering in their ears. One day these guys with white coats showed up...I wonder where he went.
But watching that show, I observed what she commented on and stuff, I began to wonder if mediums could have different degrees of...well, for lack of a better word: power. Maybe some could fully see the dead and some could just sense colors or emotions. And with that, came an idea for a really good story. It's different from all the other projects I've got going, and that's why I like it. It's going to be a funny story.
Here's the first sentence, which came to me soon after I had the idea for the story:
"On Wednesday morning, at 6:30 AM, I rolled over to turn off my alarm and saw the naked man."

I'll try to post more when I know more, but for now, that's all I know.
Meanwhile, I'm still hand copying notes. It's not that there's a whole lot, but the work is a little tedious. A little tedious. That's like saying Mother Teresa is a pretty nice lady. Also, I have school and work...neither of which I like, and both of which seem to want to rule my life.
Well, that's all for now. Now, I'm off to kick the fires and light the tires.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Halloween Adventures

Halloween has finally gone, and I've got a ton of candy. I met my friends and we cruised the town, trick or treating here or there, but mostly just messing around and being stupid. I went as a pirate, one of my friends went as a belly dancer, and one as his own creation we dubbed "pimpin' stein."
Eventually we went to a haunted house. They probably wished that I hadn't come now. At first, when we walked up, I told my friends, the belly dancer, if she'd catch me if I got scared. I'm like a foot taller than her. She was like, "Yeah, sure." So we finally went in. We were led into the first room and shown two jars, one with a hand, and one with assorted body parts--eyes, tongues, noses, finger, etc. Then, this dude in a Leatherface mask came up and asked us for our eyes. I offered mine, stating they weren't working well for me anyway.
The next room was a wedding. The bride and groom were long dead, and there were things crawling around. I hummed the wedding march.
In the next room, there was an impressivly creepy clown standing there. I spun around and shouted BOOO!! He didn't flinch. I was disappointed. Then, he attacked the bellydancer. She screamed, I laughed. Hard. She kicked me. I still have the bruise. No matter what anyone tells you, silver, sparkly shoes can leave marks.
Then we were lead down a pitch black hallway and put in this tiny, claustrophobia inducing room with a door to the left. I was told to use the handle. Being as I'm more suspicious than the U.S. government during the 50's, I pulled my sword out and slapped the door open. My friend pointed out that the handle turned out to be a hand. And the doctors say I'm paranoid.
Then, we were led into a room where a headless man sat on a bench. I passed by. He petted his weird little Igor pet and scared the belly dancer.
Then we were led into a room with a man who had plates of blood and bugs on the table. He raised on of those silvery platter things and revealed a human head. I sat down at the table and tried to eat the bugs. They wouldn't let me. Then I asked the head, "If I stick my fingers up your nose, would you be mad." She glared at me.
Then we were led into a graveyard, the only way out of the haunted house...of course. Along the way, we saw a little zombie eating a man's head. It looked like they were making out. I said, "Aww, they're in love" and started singing 'Love is in the Air.' She looked up and started after me. I offered to sword fight with her. We kept walking and she started following us. My other friend threatened her with his pimp cane.
I bet they were glad to be rid of us.
We got a lot of candy and I was wired when I came home. Although, my beard was badly smeared because at one point, I got a runny nose and kept forgetting that I was wearing makeup.
We had a blast. And when I came home and saw the monster crawling out from under my bed, we shared the candy and started singing "Halloween Carols", such as "Hark how the Howls (to the tune of Hark how the Bells)," "The Little Monster Boy (to the tune of the Little Drummer Boy)," "Slimy the Goo-man (to the tune of Frosty the Snowman)," and lots more. Then, when he got a stomach ache from too much candy, I offered him some Pepto Bismol and did the dance from the commercials for his entertainment. He went back under the bed, burping in peppermint scent. Then I went to sleep.
I hope your Halloween was as good as mine.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Getting there.

Well, my hand is cramping, so I'm taking a break from copying down my notes. I'm about to start copying down my religion, which, hopefully, shouldn't take that long. Then I have to copy down character notes. Then, I'll finally be able to put some pencil to paper.
Still on the down side, but on a different subject: I have to work today...ugh. I'd rather be writing. Or reading. Or watching tv. Or smashing my hand with a mallet until my fingers turn purple.
And now, for a spot of sunshine! Tomorrow is Halloween! Tomorrow afternoon I'll be donning my pirate gear and swashbuckling my way over to my friends house. We will have fun, and I won't have to work and we'll have a blast. I might be so hyped up on sugar that when I log into my freewebs account I actually demolecularize my body and enter the system, becoming nothing but an electronic pulse, flying through my computer before bouncing to someone else's and soon all over cyber space, and taking on viruses with a slash of my plastic pirate sword and a force of will that could move a house, but I'll try to post a coherent entry.
So, to everyone, have a Happy Halloween. And be hospitible, let the boogeyman under your bed have some punch.

Ah, crap!

I was going through my worldbuilding notes on my computer yesterday, changing this, editing that, fixing the little problems with cultures that clashed where my ideas changed from when I started to when I finished--my mind does that...I think it's normal...I hope it's normal. Finally, I finished it, and sat back to read over what I'd added. I thought, Wow, I'm pretty close to getting started on this book. That was when the realization hit me.
I don't have a printer.
I've always known this. Don't get my wrong, I'm not crazy. All I do is spend most of the day playing out stories of fictional characters in my head and listening to voices. Nothing crazy about that. Sometimes, I get in a broody mood because something in my fictional world isn't fitting right, and I don't talk much for a couple of days. That's perfectly normal.
But I got off subject. What I was saying was, I don't have a printer. When this realization hit me, I let out an aguished cry of fury so loud that Dumbo--locked away in that secret Disney vault--had to put corks in his flappy ears.
See, without a printer, I can't print off my notes. Without notes, I can't write my story. The same problem presents if I write my story on the computer. I can't print it off. Besides, I can't write at home. When I'm a home, my parents, my brother, and several thousand other distractions affect the way I write, my coherency, and my concentration. So I had to hand copy all of my notes--around 30 pages!!--into what was originally meant to be my idea book, which was cast aside the minute after I said, "Okay, this'll be my idea book."
The moral: Don't tempt fate. If you say something will be, absolutly, the nasty lady will figure out a way to make it not so.
Now, back to copying things down by hand.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


I'd be dancing right now if I weren't so tired. I finally--yes, finally!--finished the Zhivtor religion. It's now at least useable. I've got to finish my world map and design the characters and then I get to actually write!! I'm so excited. And the best news, I might be able to start soon, tomorrow's my day off.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Hey everyone! I just wanted to pop in a let everyone know that I'm adding two links to the Links page. One is to a website called The Seven Stones. The other is called The Silent Woods. Both are awesome sites run by authors my age. Aurelen and her friend, Annie Bananie, are both working on novels and they post updates every now and then about how it's going so far. If you like finding out about people who write, you'll think these sites are cool. It's interesting to see how they come up with ideas and how they get work done. Check out their sites--it's worth the look. Well, that's all for now. I've got to hammer down some details in my characters' religion and language and go to the store for food.
Oops, forgot to mention I updated my profile and fixed my age. Now it's right!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

With a big sigh, I push ever onward.

The internet is not good for people who should be writing. I've spent most of the day tweaking something here or there on my site, making it up to look nice and pretty, and because of this, the only thing I've done today is come up with a few words for Zhivtor's language.
Today has been pretty busy anyway. Besides having to go to school until noon, I had to give someone a ride home, then go to the store for groceries, then go to work for a couple of hours. I've only been getting a couple of hours at work a night. On the one hand, I'm glad about it, because I get to go home and I don't feel like I wasted the whole night, but on the other hand, I wish that things would pick back up. We need to money to pay the bills, which are piling up faster than I care for.
Hopefully things will pick back up soon and I won't have to worry about it, which will let up some of the writer's block I've been suffering. With so much pressure at school and home, my mind can barely think of anything to write, and it's driving me crazy. Oh well, worrying over.
By the way, is the new layout spiffy or what?

Monday, October 23, 2006

Progress, but little.

With a deep sigh I report that I got very little done. I had to work today. I can't wait until I have more free time. Hopefully my schedule will clear up in the near future. Wish me luck.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Real Life...what a drag.

Well, I was clipping along, doing pretty good with my story. I started hammering down my characters religion, and I was about to start developing characters when Life called. I've been doing homework and slaving at my job. *Sigh*, I just hope that this lets up eventually. I want to get back to work. I miss writing. I've even got to work tomorrow. Well, wish me luck.

Monday, October 16, 2006

A Moment to Rant

I was surfing the internet today and I saw article by several writers. They talked about how they wanted write, how they wanted to publish, and then they followed up with how they say it's impossible to get published today.
That is the biggest load of bull I've ever heard in my life.
I agree with this article, and it's by one of my favorite authors. She's been an inspiration for me when I get down and I can't seem to get the words I need.
I'm tired of people who whine and complain that the odds of publishing are impossible. Your damn right they are! They are so large, that it sometimes frightens me to think about what attempting this career means. I might have to sacrifice a lot of time, a lot of energy; I'll have to face rejection many times, I'll cry over rejections, I'll stress and fear that I've lost my ideas, that I don't have any talent, that I'm a hopeless cause that will never make it.
But I'll keep on.
I'll keep on because I've dreamed of being a published writer since I was seven when I drew my little booklets and gave them to my mom. I'll keep on because it's my dream and I'll get it. I'll persevere, and I'll never give up. I'll take every rejection and file it away and I'll take any suggestions and I'll hone my talents and I WILL NEVER GIVE UP. You see, to reach your dreams, you have to persevere. If you do this, you'll make it. You just to believe. Read the above linked article for more on this subject, and a nice perspective on the publishing odds. Trust me, it's worth the read.
Remember, you have to believe, you have to persevere, and you can't give up on your dreams.

*comment is from Holly on Dec. 31, 2006 at 10:53 AM--transferring the old blog over to blogger wouldn't fix comment times.

Friday, October 13, 2006

STILL No Writing

The worldbuilding on my world is fun, but I actually can't wait to write the story. On the plus side, I designed the outfits of the mineral miners and a basic idea of the Holy Ones and the Rock Creatures. This is coming together nicely. Now, when I do some character building, some design some more to the cultures--at least as much as I'll need for now, and do some outlining for my story, I'll be good to go. But now, sleep. It's been a long day, and I'm tuckered out.
Oh, and more good news, tomorrow is my first day off of work all week, and I'm going to see our local football team. They've got a homecoming game on Friday the 13th--how unlucky can you get? And then, one of my friends is coming over, so this weekend I might not get anything done. But I'm not worried. It's coming together so good, I'm actually kinda scared. What if I run out of steam before I actually start writing? What if I develop this amazing world, and I can't come up with a good storyline to go along with it, or strong, believable characters? Well, with fingers crossed and a prayer on my mind I sign off--I guess I'll just have to hope and see.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I also took the Personality quiz.

Your Personality Profile

You are dependable, popular, and observant.
Deep and thoughtful, you are prone to moodiness.
In fact, your emotions tend to influence everything you do.

You are unique, creative, and expressive.
You don't mind waving your freak flag every once and a while.
And lucky for you, most people find your weird ways charming!

I took the brain test.

Your Brain is 47% Female, 53% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female
You are both sensitive and savvy
Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed
But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

Deep Stories

Wow. All I can say I've been building my story. It's developed into a really complex and--hopefully--interesting story. It's about old magic that's been lost, lies, and the struggle for freedom. I'm really liking what I'm getting. Now, if I can finagle out a nice, deep cast with as many twists as the story seems to have, I'll be in business. I'm really excited about this one!

Monday, October 9, 2006

School, work, and life...*sigh*...

Well, it's one of those days. I'm not going to get much done on my work today, because I've had to go to school, and I've still got to hit a nap before I go to work. But, my goals are high and my hopes are higher. Hopefully, I'll be able to wrap up my worldbuilding and all my pre-novel work and get to actual writing by the end of the week.


Just when I thought that my story was about to crash and burn, I started getting frustrated. I went through my old files and found a story that had started going no where because the world was flat and lifeless. Then, BOOM!, suddenly I got an idea. What if the two stories could be combined together to make a whole new story? And I tried it. The two stories fit together and offer a lot more history, a lot more background, and a lot more depth to the world. Now, if I can pull this off, I might have a winner here. Wouldn't that be fun?

Sunday, October 8, 2006

More Worldbuilding

I'm still worldbuilding. I got a lot done today. I got a lot of culture done, designing the peoples religion and their history. That's important for the story. I also started on designing a language. I have to design two and make a variant off of the first.

Everything's going good, but I've got some trouble hammering out the details of the history. I know there's a way to get it all to work together, but everything I come up with sounds really cliche, so I scrap it and do something else. Ugh. Oh well, back to the grind stone. I won't get any work done over the next two days. I've got school and work. Ugh, again.

0 Work Today...

I didn't get anything done today. I decided to spend the day with the family, since I have to work tonight, and it's one of my few days off. Anyway, hope I get some work done tomorrow.

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Cool! it works!

Awesome, it works! Well, I got a great idea for a story while I was working on my other one. I got straight to work on it, drawing the map, developing the history of the world, creating cultures, conflicts, and all that good stuff. I'm exhausted though. I got off work at 9:30, and spent from then until now working on my story. I finally stalled out, and my vision is blurry. I'm tired, so I'm going to bed. More tomorrow.