Monday, October 16, 2006

A Moment to Rant

I was surfing the internet today and I saw article by several writers. They talked about how they wanted write, how they wanted to publish, and then they followed up with how they say it's impossible to get published today.
That is the biggest load of bull I've ever heard in my life.
I agree with this article, and it's by one of my favorite authors. She's been an inspiration for me when I get down and I can't seem to get the words I need.
I'm tired of people who whine and complain that the odds of publishing are impossible. Your damn right they are! They are so large, that it sometimes frightens me to think about what attempting this career means. I might have to sacrifice a lot of time, a lot of energy; I'll have to face rejection many times, I'll cry over rejections, I'll stress and fear that I've lost my ideas, that I don't have any talent, that I'm a hopeless cause that will never make it.
But I'll keep on.
I'll keep on because I've dreamed of being a published writer since I was seven when I drew my little booklets and gave them to my mom. I'll keep on because it's my dream and I'll get it. I'll persevere, and I'll never give up. I'll take every rejection and file it away and I'll take any suggestions and I'll hone my talents and I WILL NEVER GIVE UP. You see, to reach your dreams, you have to persevere. If you do this, you'll make it. You just to believe. Read the above linked article for more on this subject, and a nice perspective on the publishing odds. Trust me, it's worth the read.
Remember, you have to believe, you have to persevere, and you can't give up on your dreams.

*comment is from Holly on Dec. 31, 2006 at 10:53 AM--transferring the old blog over to blogger wouldn't fix comment times.

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Holly Lisle said...

Don't give up. Persistence is the one common characteristic of those who go on to make careers in writing. I'm cheering for you.