Wednesday, October 25, 2006

With a big sigh, I push ever onward.

The internet is not good for people who should be writing. I've spent most of the day tweaking something here or there on my site, making it up to look nice and pretty, and because of this, the only thing I've done today is come up with a few words for Zhivtor's language.
Today has been pretty busy anyway. Besides having to go to school until noon, I had to give someone a ride home, then go to the store for groceries, then go to work for a couple of hours. I've only been getting a couple of hours at work a night. On the one hand, I'm glad about it, because I get to go home and I don't feel like I wasted the whole night, but on the other hand, I wish that things would pick back up. We need to money to pay the bills, which are piling up faster than I care for.
Hopefully things will pick back up soon and I won't have to worry about it, which will let up some of the writer's block I've been suffering. With so much pressure at school and home, my mind can barely think of anything to write, and it's driving me crazy. Oh well, worrying over.
By the way, is the new layout spiffy or what?

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