Friday, November 30, 2007

One Project Down

Peaking out of my bunker to let you know that I got my Biology project done yesterday. So that's one research paper/presentation down, and one paper to go. Then I have two tests to study for, and all my finals. Hopefully I can keep my grades up through the rest of the semester. College is so much fun...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Digging in for the storm

I've got two research papers, a test, and all my finals coming up in these few weeks, so if you don't hear from me for a while, I'll be up to my neck in the college avalanche. Wish me luck.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving. We had a blast. Hope you guys have a good holiday weekend. Today, we're preparing for Christmas! Up go the lights!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Night Walk

*This post would have been up sooner, but my internet went out and, sadly, it took me three days to figure out it wasn't the college network, it was my ethernet cord... I never claimed to be a 'Net guru.*

Last Thursday, I did what I haven't done in a while. I took a walk. It's amazing what you notice when you let yourself go. You get so wrapped up in your everyday lives, in your rush to get things done, in your rush for the next paycheck, or to beat traffic, or to beat the lunchline, that you can get swept away in it all. It can swallow you up like a wave from the ocean and pull you into a constant state of hustle and bustle.

Last Thursday I decided to change that. I got done with my homework early, and my roommate was fixing to "study"--meaning he was going to lay on the bed for a good 15 minutes to a half an hour sleeping before he reads through his notes twice before he goes back to sleep--and I had nothing to do. I decided, what would be better, than taking a walk around the campus.

I stepped out the door and the first thing I saw was someone's ID card. So I returned that. It felt good to know that they got their card back and they'd never know it was me. They's just have the mental picture of the mysterious kind stranger giving back one of the most important things that the students here have.

After that was done, I continued my stroll. The bite from the cold air felt good. It burned in my nostrils and reminded me why I loved autumn and winter so much. The cold air felt good in my lungs and I savored each breath. As I walked, I watched people. Some people were out jogging, listening to their Ipod; focused intently ahead. A few couples were taking midnight strolls, holding hands, cuddling, keeping eachother warm. I move along, and leave them to their private time.

I crossed at a crosswalk and got into the less busy part of the campus. It was darker here, and fewer people were out. I watched some squirrels run around and chase eachother, and as I walked, I let my mind wander. I thought about things, random things. I thought about my family, I thought about Christmas coming ever closer; I thought about my trip home this Thanksgiving weekend. I thought about writing and how I haven't done it in a while. I turned over characters and plots in mind, just messing around.

Nothing much to tell, and you might be wondering why I devoted an entire post to my stroll through the campus. The next time you have free time, take a walk around your neighborhood or local park. You'll feel better when you get back, your writer's block might have cleared up, and what better way to get a new take on describing what your characters are seeing than seeing for yourself.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It's Been A While

Whoo, it's been a serious while, hasn't it? I opened up this thing and I swear, it was like opening one of those old boxes in the attic that you keep because you want to look back later and reminice. You know, every now and then, you add something new before you bury it in boxes and dust. Just a second ago, I think I saw a virtual spider attacking a helpless family of flies.

Sorry, I'm feeling rusty. I've disappeared, because college life is not as easy as it looks on TV (who would have thought?), but I think things are gonna work out okay. It was a rough ride, though.

Damn it all, I missed Halloween. Here, there was nothing, but this coming weekend my friends are having a very belated Halloween party, and that should be fun. Nothing like Halloween in November. I wonder if that's like Christmas in July? Thanksgiving is coming soon, the perfect chance to eat a whole hell of a lot and spend the next three days suffering from the side-effects of making yourself look like a pig. I can't wait. It will be the first Christmas with my best friend, and I'm sure he'll get a kick out of my uncle, he's quite the character.

Let's see, what comes after Thanksgiving? New Years Eve, April Fools Day, Groundhog Day...oh yeah, CHRISTMAS! Oh, I can't wait for that one. I've already started shopping, ha ha. I'm definitely NOT one of those last minutes shoppers.

If I used to go to your blogs, I'd love you to post the link to them in the comments. Both my laptop and my desktop at home had to get wiped out, and I lost all my links that I've been collecting for the better part of four years. *sigh* I was sad to see it go. That was a nightmare. My laptop was littered with errors that brought up a pretty striped screen of death. It turns out it was the graphics card, but that was before we wiped out my computer. It probably needed it, but I would have liked to have had a backup record of links and files that are now spiraling into the abyss.

Then, my desktop got a pretty worm virus on it and I had to wipe out the entire thing. That pissed me off a little, because that computer was the dumping ground. It had EVERYTHING I loved on it. All my old stuff, old stories from the sixth grade, essays I wrote to get into college, songs lyrics, music sheets, drawings, lots of stuff, gone in an instant. But that'll teach me. I should back up my stuff.

Oh, and in other news, it's NaNoWriMo! For those of you who want some fun, Lynn Viehl has some great stuff on her site in the archives, and she usually posts every year. More news on NaNoWriMo when I get some. I never participate because I never have the time to dedicate that it requires. I barely have time to write as it is.

Anyway, that's all my catching up for now. How's everyone else?