Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Pre-Semi-Mid-Week Finals Report

Well gang, they’re here. The dreaded finals are in full swing, and I’m already feeling the effects of them. They’re taking my strength with them like some kind of…strength…taking…thing… I can’t even come up with decent metaphors anymore. I’ve had two finals so far, and I have two tomorrow, which I’m NOT looking forward to. Tomorrow is that devil’s spawn Biology. The sooner I get done with these the better.

On the plus side, I read a lot before I had to get sucked into the finals studying frenzy. Right now I’m almost halfway through with the final book in Holly Lisle’s Secret Text trilogy. They’re absolutely fantastic! Very rarely do I read a book with so much depth and originality, but Holly Lisle does it every single time. I have a whole bunch of her books that are on my “To be read when things return to a safe level of insanity” shelf, and I can’t wait to get started on them. If you can find them, and you get the chance, I definitely recommend Holly’s Secret Text trilogy.

Also, I’m reading Sherman Oak and the Magic Potato, by S. William Shaw. They’re kids novels, but Shaw has a great, quirky way of telling the story that I absolutely love. The story itself is very original, and Shaw proves just how crazy he is with the different wacky monsters that Sherman meets in his quest. This is another one that I recommend if you want a good read. Definitely pick this up for your kids, parents. It’s totally worth it (you might even want to read it yourself).

Well, I’m going back to the grindstone. Three more finals and I’ll be out of school for a month! Then comes Christmas!! Before too long I hope to have some writing news to give you, but as many of you know, a bug at all my stories, and all my notes, and I haven’t had time to get anything back with College poking its nose in my business all the time. Well, wish me luck, and for those of you who are going on trips for the holidays, good luck, and travel safely.

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