Monday, June 30, 2008

Wondrous Wall-E

I got to go see Wall-E yesterday. Fantastic movie. I really had my doubts about it, because none of the commericals really told me anything and I figured it would be very boring. Far from it, it was funny, sweet, heartwarming, and inspiring. I was amazed at the amount of emotion that came across with very little voice acting.

One of my friends had a small complaint that Disney seemed to be making a statement about our society and our environment. I did notice it, but since I can't say that I disagreed with what I noticed, I can't say I was offended. In fact, it's not all that new. We've used the same basic idea of "humans screw up Earth and go live in space" in movies and stories for a long, long time.

One of my friends thought that kids wouldn't enjoy it because there was hardly any talking, but I can say that there were probably 30 kids in the audience last night and all of them were laughing up a storm.

It was a great movie, and supposedly the last of the original ideas that the guys that started the Pixar movies came up with. If you've got kids, it's definitely a movie to take them to see.

...and if by the end of the movie, you want to see the movie that Wall-E watches throughout the movie and you haven't seen it, I suggest picking up Hello Dolly, as well. Great old musical starring Barbera Streisand and Walter Matthou.


In other news, I have my other short story is up at Scribd. It's called Silence and Darkness. The same blah as before, if you read it, and happened to be moved to do so, any feedback would be nice. Most of all, though, enjoy it.


PJ Hoover said...

We so want to see this.
The statement isn't as bad as Happy Feet, is it?

Jason said...

It's no where near that obvious. It doesn't interrupt the story like it did in Happy Feet. Trust me it's definitely worth going to see.

Barrie said...

My kids want to see this. Looking forward to your recipe!

Wendy said...

I wasn't sure about this one but it looks cute so I might go see it. What I really want to see is Hellboy 2! :)

Jason said...

Oh, I love Ron Perlman. I can't wait for Hellboy 2.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

My mother-in-law took my sons (6 & 8) to see it, and they both loved it. They came through the door and announced to me, "Mom, the moral of that movie is that if you don't exercise, you'll get fat." I assume there was some coaching on the moral, but they seemed quite pleased with themselves.

Jason said...

I'm glad they enjoyed it. That's really funny.