Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Finish Line

I finally made it to the finish line. It was fun, but tough, and I was sad and glad to see the play end. It ended on Sunday. The final three performances with the new cast was just as good as the weekend before, however, no performance ever goes smoothly.

On Sunday, my contact tore, and I had to do the play with one contact. It was awful, because the contact tearing hurt. I tried to wear it anyway, because I couldn't wear glasses in the play, and couldn't see without some kind of vision correction, but it didn't work. It hurt. So I threw it away and instead, I wore one contact and acted that way. I took it out as soon as the play was over, because I know doing that is horrible for your eyes, but it was only for a couple of hours.

The greatest thing about the play was that everytime I roared, or showed up at the very first of the play, little kids cried, but by the end, they loved me and were sad when I get "shot" with an arrow and "die." At the end of the show, they always wanted their picture taken with me. It was great.

This week we've been busy, and we're trying to scrape together some money for me to go visit my college roommate sometime next week. And's back to school! Yes, college is right around the corner.

Anyway, that's my little update for now. How have things been for you guys?


S William said...

Hiya Madman...just checking in.

Barrie said...

The play experience sounds really rewarding. Did you get a headache with just one eye corrected?

Jason said...

Hey Steve. Nice to hear from ya.

Yeah, by the end of the play my head was starting to throb, but I was too excited about the final performance to notice. Worse than the headache was how clumsy it made me. It kinda threw my depth perception off, so going up and down the stairs on stage was a bit more of an adventure tha usual. After the play, I had to go switch out for glasses.