Thursday, October 2, 2008

Long Time No Speak

I'll write a much longer post later with catch up news. I only have one thing to say right now. I just got back from seeing Wall-E for a second time. My college showed it as part of some special thing they do. You know a movie is really fantastic when an auditiorium of cynical, hard nosed, smart ass college students break out into applause at the end of the movie. That movie always leaves me with a smile on my face.

That's all for now. A real post later.


S. William Shaw said...

Hi Jason. I just stopped by here yesterday, and almost left a comment, but got pulled away from the computer. Then I saw your comment on my blog.

I didn't mind Wall-E much, but my 2 daughters kind of lost interest. I think it is more fun the older you get.

Jason said...

Very probable. I heard a lot of people say that they enjoyed the movie but thought that kids would find it boring. I know when I saw it in theaters all the kids were laughing like crazy, but I think they might have gotten bored when the story got more dramatic.