Friday, February 2, 2007


I feel like I got to cheat myself out of reality for a while. The past few days have been great!! It snowed on Wednesday, and that was my day off! I spent the day writing and reading and watching TV and just goofing around. Then, I woke up yesterday to an even cooler surprise, school was closed and it had snowed even more. So I wrote more and just goofed around more, and then my work called me and told me they were shutting down early and not to come in. And school's closed today too! It's awesome! The snow has since melted--or is melting--so I'll probably have to go to work, but it's been like a dream for a couple of days. And since today is Friday I won't have to go to school until Tuesday! Monday I get to miss to go tour my college! I've basically gotten a week off of school, ha ha.
In writing news, I've written about four pages to Zhivtor, but I haven't typed it in yet, so no word counts will show up.

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