Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Fantasies, Ghosts, and Tagged, OH MY!

I've recently had a rush of ideas for the fantasy that I thought I was going to put on stand by. I have so little time to write lately, that I don't know how I'm supposed to work on it, but I can't let these ideas die either. I'll figure something out, but I might just let the other fantasy cool, even though I have more written on it because 1) the characters are not acting like themselves. I missed a beat and now they all seem really off, and I don't know how to fix it, 2) this fantasy--Zhivtor--is a lot more originial (I think) than the first one and seems to have promise, and 3) I'm actually getting ideas for Zhivtor, while the other one has been starting to collect dust more and more often.
On other news, Clairvoyant is coming good. I've decided that the beginning needs reworking, but I'll fix that later. I need to keep writing now. I'm at the critical stage where, if I change one thing, I'll wind up circling the same two or three chapters and peck the story to death, and I really don't want that to happen.
Also, I've been tagged by S. William Shaw, so here are Five Little Known Facts:
1. I once worked at a saddle pad manufacturing plant. My job was to lace together the saddle pads after they had been sewn, give it back to the sewer(sp?) and then take those when they were finished and back them and ship them by UPs.
2. I haven't spoken to my dad in 6 years or more. It's hard to keep track.
3. My favorite band is Lemon Demon
4. I once wanted to start my own at home band called Sporatic. I was gonna do all the music by writing it in the Finale program, then record it using Audacity and then write the lyrics and sing to the music. It proved to be so much work that I gave up in frustration before finishing one song. Audacity was messing with the timing of the singing.
5. I nearly died when I was born, because I was born having an asthma attack, and one of the gasps blew out my left lung. I still have the scar on my chest where they had to stick a tube in me.
Um...I don't know if anybody will get these, or if they've been tagged before if they do get them, but here are the blogs I'm tagging:
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