Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Story About Teachers

Well, I've completed another day of school. Barf. But it's almost over. As a friend of mine said:
"Soon we will be thrown out into the harsh cold world!!! A world where we have to fend for ourselves. Where we make car payments, electric bills, house payments, food payments, full-time job, college, homework, horrible bosses who scream at you when you drop a packet of ketchup. Won't that be awesome?!!! Wait...never mind! MOMMY!!!!! DON'T LEAVE ME!!!!"
I know how she feels.
On the much brighter front, I've written close to five pages on Clairvoyant today. I don't know what that translates into wordwise, but I'll get it typed and find out soon. Right now, I'm trying to let my mind recover. I've had to close twice in a row, and I'm still really tired. On the plus side, we passed the audit, so I won't lose my job. That's a good thing...I think, ha ha.
And now, something that came to my mind while I was in the Art room yesterday:
With a quirky smile she swaggered into the high school classroom. The room was noisy and a few crumpled balls of paper narrowly missed her head. Her smile faultered momentarily before she sat at her desk.
"Alright, shut up! That was the bell," she said, "let's get our books out and read."
Obediantly, the students stopped talking and pulled out books and began reading.
A girl with straight black hair and a Hello Kitty shirt raised her hand.
"May I go get a book, I left my book at home today."
"That's it! Detention!" the teacher shouted, slamming her hands on the table.
"What? How am I supposed to read if I don't have anything?" the girl cried in outrage.
"I don't care! Get out of my classroom!"
The girl bitterly grabbed her purse and stormed out.
Several minutes passed before another sound was made. One guy in the back of the room, Kevin, who had been sick for a week, sneezed. He had a terribly stuffy nose, and the sneeze broke whatever barrier had been keeping it in. As his nose began to drip like a faucet, he held his hands cupped in front of his face, his eyes wide in horror. He leaned over to his friend.
"Suzie, help. Do you have a Kleenex?"
Suzie chuckled silently and started to reach for her bag and her small package of Kleenex, but her hand never made it. From across the room, all the students heard the teacher rise to her feet. Legs pumping, she flew across the room and tackled Suzie. Suzie went down in a crumple, crying out in shock. Then the teacher went after Kevin.
Kevin let out a cry of shock and scrambled to get out of his desk, but the teacher was too fast. She grabbed him by the neck and hurled him across the room, letting out an animal-like growl. A group of girls screamed and scattered as Kevin crashed through the table.
"Now class," the teacher said coldly, "I said READ!!" Her eyes rolled wildly in her head and she snarled at every guy and girl darkly. All of the students trembled in terror.

The Teacher From Hell
Rated C: Common everywhere
Coming soon to a classroom near you.
Has anyone else ever had a teacher that infuriates you to no end?

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Anne said...

Wow! That's quite a story! Since you mentioned art room, I instantly pictured my art teacher doing all that. Now, she does get pretty scary when she's mad, but the most she's done is stab her desk with her pen. And it stuck.

Jan 17, 2007, 9:50 PM