Friday, July 20, 2007

Free Books! REALLY?!

But not from me. Nope, they're from good buddy S. William Shaw. He's having an awesome give away to promote his novels The Santa Mysteries and Sherman Oak and the Magic Potato. He's giving away free e-book copies of his book to anyone who e-mails him, and! (as if that wasn't enough!) he's giving away ten free paperback copies of one of his books away too. All you have to do to get the free e-book is e-mail him with the subject "free book" or to win the paperback copy, mention the contest on your blog/website, and send an e-mail with "book contest" as the subject and a link to your post. Then he'll draw the names. What are you waitng for??!! Send those e-mails!!!


S William said...

Thanks so much for the link :)

Jason said...

No problem, man! You deserve it!