Sunday, July 15, 2007


As you all probably remember, I recently suffered the loss of one of my dear friends, my laptop. I think you all remember the story, where I faced terrible odds and went face to face with the deadly gorgon...I mean order to subdue the beast and save my family from its evil. Well, I lost, and finally, a few days ago, I got my new laptop. What better excuse to pull out the digital camera and have a photoshoot? It's perfectly normal for a man to want to photograph his new computer...shut up...

Ooh la la. Say there, do you come here often? You know, I'm a photographer, right? Ooh, come on, just strike a pose.

Oh that's just perfect. Yeah. Now lets see you lift up that top.

Bow chicka wow wow! Turn to the side.

Oh, that's sexy.

Okay, I'm all done now. I think I'll go seek some mental help and then get back to my writing.


Jean said...

Perfectly natural to go ga-ga and photograph a new beauty like that. I hope she serves you well.

MerylF said...

You are a very strange man :)