Monday, June 4, 2007

And then it all blew up.

No, not my story. As a matter of fact, I haven't seen it in several days. No I'm talking about Real Life. She stuck her fat nose in again, and now I'm worse off for it. Turns out, my guidance councelor told me at the beginning of my Senior year that I only needed 3 math credits. I asked what I'd need a 4th for (This being my last year at the school, if I wanted 4 math credits, I had to take one that year) and she told me it was just for a scholarship that I hadn't even been trying for anyway. Imagine my surprise when my college sends me a letter telling me that I have to have a fourth math credit, that I'm short one. I went so freaking crazy insane angry. I stomped around the house condemning the entire school to the blackest pits of the underworld (insert maniacal laugh here).

It gets worse. The college algebra class at the local community college that I have to take to make up for the missing credit is a summer course, and has already started. The class is an entire semester of math crammed into four weeks. Algebra Crash Course is a better name. And it has already been going on for 4 days. So now I have 7 assignments of make-up work, the rest of the weeks assignments, a project, and a test, just this week. Oh yeah, and I have to miss another day--Wednesday--to go to my college to register for classes. And I have to work everyday (except Wednesday). As weeks go, this one isn't exactly great.

I have some Meme's I want to do, but they'll have to wait. Here's hoping I make it through the storm unscratched.


Jean said...

Ouch. Welcome to college. You just learned one important thing. Do your research and don't trust your advisors (they're even worse at college -- or at least, mine were). If I counted on advisors to keep me on track for graduation, I'd have never graduated (and it took me 12 years and seven schools to do that, but it wasn't because I was trusting advisors).

See you when you can catch your breath.

MerylF said...

Oh ouch. Hang in there. Don't let this upset derail your plans. You can do it!

S William said...

Good luck. Hopefully you'll look back in ten years and laugh. (while rolling in cash, of course)

misswriter said...

I don't know much credits and everything but I hope you get what you need and also that the algebra class isn't too difficult. Sorry to hear about things going wrong (happened to me too with Media) but I hope they work out.

Good luck and all!