Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rollercoaster day.

Not a bad day, not a good day--an up and down kinda day. For example:

Bad: Good news that might or might not work out, didn't work out.

Good: Other good news opened up that will work as good or better.

Bad: Caused enormous avalanche of metal pots and pans by coughing (not kidding.)

Good: Got replacement Lemon Demon t-shirt.

Bad: Was the wrong size.

Good: Got Vengeance of Dragons and Courage of Falcons today!

Bad: Late to work.

Good: Other good news that got canned has new hope!

So, like I said, it's been an up's and down's kinda day. My plotting is going okay, but not great. Mostly, I find that I can't concentrate very long on it because I'm too burned out from work. I'm trying to work on that right now. I can't wait to get started on the Secret Texts books, but first I have to finish Armageddon's Children. So that's really it for now. I'd love to go more into depth about my 2 good news items or how much or how little progress my writing is having, but I can't share the first two yet (don't want to jinx them) and writing wise...you know everything. Writing has been slow going/not at all through this week. I need to catch back up because I want to write, I just don't have the energy.

Here's to a better week.

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MerylF said...

You'll get back to it, don't worry! As long as the imagination keeps plodding along :)

Hope the possible good news pans out for you :)