Friday, May 4, 2007

Prom Night

Today is the day of prom. Do you know what that means? That tonight is prom night. I have mixed feelings about prom. Last year I had a lot of fun. My friends and I hung out all night, and then I went to one of their houses and played poker until very late (or very early if you want to count it that way). But the reason I was hanging out with my friends--and the reason I went to their house later--was that I got ditched by my prom date. This year, I have no date, so their's no chance of getting ditched, but I'm not sure how this night's gonna go. We're not gonna drink, all we're doing after prom is watching some movies.
I dunno, I guess I'm just wondering whether I'll have fun or not. It's a bit too late now, ha ha, I already spent $80 on a tux.
Well, I guess you can tell I won't be getting any writing done today. Wish me luck.
Oh, one more thing, if anybody from my school is reading this:
Please don't drink and drive!!!
You don't want your fun to be at the cost of the life of your date, or your friends' dates. Please, just don't drink, but if you're gonna drink, at least get a designated driver.
Alright, that's all for now!

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