Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Summer Movie Fun

For lack of anything better to talk about right now, let's talk about summer. Summer always means a few things to me:
1) Hot, muggy summers
2) Crabby angry people (usually due to the hot muggy summers)
3) Burns (from me hopping into the car without thinking about the 100 °F weather and scorching myself on the steering wheel)
4) Really great movies.
I might blog about the hot muggy summers, the crabby angry people, or my stupidity some other time, but it's the movies I wanna focus on right now. Summer always means I sit and drool over the trailers for the new movies coming out that I can't afford to see, and this summer looks like it's gonna be another great one.
First off, we have Shrek the Third. Shrek was a phenomenon from the moment the first one hit theaters. It was so refreshing to take a new look at the old fairy tales we've grown up with and put a new spin on them. Top that off with them seeming to get better all the time (with the addition of Puss in Boots) and the third one is sure to be just as good or better than the first two. Mike Myers--the voice of Shrek--has even said that the only thing that ever makes him drop his own projects is to work on another Shrek movie, and he'll have the chance to, since there's already another one being planned.
Next, we have Spiderman 3. I love Spiderman. When I was little, I grew up watching the TV show, and when the movies came out, I was ready to pop from excitement. The third one has a lot on its side to me: really great actors, continuing the Goblin storyline and the addition of one of my favorite villains ever: Venom. One thing that worries me about the Spiderman franchise is that Toby Maguire--the actor who plays Spiderman--is leaving, and yet, the studios are still talking about making more Spiderman movies. As a matter of fact, three more. Carnage--a villain similar to, but not the same as Venom--is said to be in one of the upcoming movies, and I love Carnage, but...no Toby? I hate when movies change cast members in the middle of a series so my hopes are not high for the next few, but at the least, the third one seems to be a good last hurrah no matter what happens after. It's been getting mixed reviews from the critics, but they also gave Pirates 2 mixed reviews and I loved it.
Speaking of Pirates, what's that on the horizon? Oh, it's Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. I'm about to wet myself over this one. Johnny Depp is brilliant as the flawed protagonist Jack Sparrow. He always delivers an amazing, hilarious performance. I'm always game for another Pirates movie, and considering how the last one left off, I'm even more excited than ever. Oh, and there are talks, just talks but still, of more Pirates movies after this one. Johnny Depp said that he's willing to play in them, he loves doing the character.
And the cream of the crop, to me, this summer seems to be Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I'm a huge fan of the Harry Potter books, and the movies have been good. Some have been better than others, but for the most part they've all been excellent. The fourth being my favorite, I'm really looking forward to Order of the Phoenix because I love the actor that plays Voldermort. It's rumored to be the scariest Harry Potter yet, and I say good! The stories are getting darker and scarier and the movies should follow that trend. After all, the plot is about a boy trying to over come a man responsible for killing people, lots of people, over the course of several years. It's not going to be bunnies and kittens (except Mrs. Norris).
Anyway, I hope you enjoy my look forward into the movies coming this summer. I really didn't have much else to talk about yet, it's been pretty slow and a little boring. Well, TTFN, ta ta for now.

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