Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Maybe I'll just become a vacuum salesman

Okay, I did a lot of thinking, a little moping, some head beating, and a lot of complaining. That's all anyone heard me talk about for the past couple days. Here's what I came up with: the worldbuilding is pretty solid, but the outline has to go. I have to completely think up a new outline because I got waaaay off track. My original goal was forgotten in my mad rush to think of something, anything, because I wanted to write. Well, it's had time enough to cool and when I actually looked at the outline with a stern eye, it sucks. Bad.

A big problem I have, though, is with some bare bones stuff. I had a number of solutions that I came up with but one of them would mean a change in the mythology, the other would mean I would have to redesign the map, and the other ... I need an ibuprofen.

At least I figured out why Ressto wasn't working. He's is a member in an active branch of the Revolutionaries trying to expose and overthrow the conspiracy. He should not be playing Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman. The widespread sickness that I have for both the hero and the heroine came out of left field and has me scratching my head and thinking...well...what the hell was I thinking? Regardless of where the idea came from, it left the entire Revolutionary group standing around and whining like bunch of ninnies. Instead of hunting for medicine, he needs to be spear heading an operation to infiltrate the conspiracy and become a double agent so that he can expose them when the time is right.

Forget trying to hide the conspiracy from the reader, my damn teaser on my site says that there's a conspiracy. What I need to do now is try to figure out how to get Falovri into the loop. If she finds out she's been lied to all her life, that's going to cause some mega issues, right down to decisions involving her kids. Also, what I need to keep reminding myself is the main idea isn't to find out about the conspiracy, it's to find out about it, expose it, and overthrow it.

*sigh* I really need an ibuprofen. Anyway, back to the grindstone.


MerylF said...

Sounds like perfectly good brainstorming to me :) Hang in there, and thank god for the removal of Dr Ressto, Medicine Revolutionary :)

Jason said...

Thanks, I've really been wracking my brain trying to rewrite the outline. It's going slow, but I'm in better spirits now.

Yeah, thank God for small favors. He just didn't look as good as she did in the dress.