Sunday, May 27, 2007

Plodding through plotting

So far I've been plodding through trying to re-plot the novel but it's going slow. Part of it is my frustration over having to start all over again, but part of it is stress from work. I've had a really, really...(repeat reallys for about an hour)...crappy week at work. If I have to see one more burger I'm gonna lose my damn mind. But tomorrow is my day off and there might (might) be some good news in the future but I won't say anything until it pans out. The karma demons are just watching and waiting for a chance to bite me in the ass.

Anyway, just thought I'd update you all. Back to work.


MerylF said...

You have my sympathy; I'm trying to do the same thing. *sigh*. Frustrating :)

Jason said...

Good luck. I'm having some success, but mostly I can't concentrate very long on it. I'm burned out from work. Trying to change that.

MerylF said...

It is unfortunate that work saps so much creative energy :/

misswriter said...

I hate re-plotting novels but it's one of those things... My mum keeps 'subtly' hinting at me to get a job but I pretend not to notice (what's the point of uni if not to avoid work for a few more years :)

Hope the plotting going alright and work gets better for you.