Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cinematic Magic

Movies. Some are good, some are bad, some are just okay. We watch movies, like we read books, so that we can be entertained. Sometimes, but not as often as we'd like, a movie sucks us in and we find ourselves watching it again and again.

I watched a movie recently that left me absolutely speechless. It's called Mirrormask. It's about a very artistic girl who isn't happy with her life and her circus performer parents. She wants to "run away and join real life," oddly enough. After she gets in a fight with her mother, her mother gets sick and slips into a coma. Then, the girl finds herself in a parallel universe that apparently she created -- the universe of her drawings.

The storyline is really good, very original, but what really got me were the visuals. The Jim Henson company apparently did the CGI that is through most movies and it is absolutely . . . the word that came to my mind while I was watching it is whimsical. The visuals are just out of this world.

I could rave on and on about how good the visuals are, but I, personally, think that it's a very inspiring movie. It left me craving to write, eager to create something as good as they did.

If you haven't seen this and want to, if you have satellite, they've been playing it on one of the Encore channels I belive, or you can buy it here, for a surprisingly cheap price.

Anyway, sorry about the random movie plug, but I've just found one of my all-time favorite movies.


Wendy said...

This film sounds lovely, I'll probably buy it. Thanks for the headsup, Jason! :)

Jason said...

No problem. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.