Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Choose Your World

S.M.D. had a really interesting post on his blog the other day about what kind of world he would want to live in if he could choose: Fantasy or Sci-Fi?

The question is actually kind of difficult once you start thinking about it. Fantasy and Science Fiction cross over into each other's territory all the time. For example, space opera, a branch of science fiction, is really more fantastic than scientific (i.e., Star Wars). Not to mention all the different branches off of the genres -- would you want to live in a steam punk world? A cyberpunk world? An urban fantasy world? A dystopian sci-fi world? High fantasy, or a modern world with fantastic elements?

I guess I'll go through and analyze what I like about the genres and narrow it down. I would probably want to be able to accomplish something big -- like saving the world. Which means I wouldn't want to be one of the Average Joe's of the world. I would want to be The One, the Last Jedi, the Last Dragon Rider, the Boy Who Lived. Luckily, both sci-fi and fantasy offer something like that.

I think, because I like magic, I would lean more towards fantasy. How cool would it be to be able to cast a fireball from your hand? Besides, with the advancement of technology, there would be even more weapons -- weapons more dangerous and destructive. I think the coolest fights are with swords. Then, it's not necessarily about ambushing, it just relies on skill. Good old mano a mano. Also, the difference between fantasy sword fighting and medieval swords fighting is, in medieval times, you got mangled, and the fighting was gruesome. In a fantasy setting, you would have healers who could save you from some rough wounds -- at least, better than the "healers" from back in the day.

So, for me, between magic, fantastic creatures (how awesome would it be to ride a dragon?), and sword fights, I'd choose fantasy all the way.


Barrie said...

You know why I wouldn't chose sci fi? If it was too weird a world, I'd never figure out what was going on!

PJ Hoover said...

I'll go with sci-fi because there's a scientific basis for all things going on.
Everything is possible, but fireballs have to come from somewhere. Like pulling individual molecules from one's hand or something like that.
Plus, I'd get to go to space.

Jason said...

Barrie: Heh, you sound like my aunt. She's always complaining that she doesn't understand technology. I'm no expert, but I like to tinker, so I bet I could figure it out. :D

PJ: Space would scare me. I'd be afraid of stepping out of the space ship and imploding or something. And fantasy has rules, too. You'd have to draw off of your chakra or ki or life force to produce the fire, and you'd run out of that and have to recharge. Assuming the magic works differently than Harry Potter. :D