Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Class Description

So, I finally have all of my books and required things purchased. The total made my jaw literally drop open. $489!!! $433 for books and $56 for a freakin' transmitter that I will only use for one class and then have to get rid of. Break down of my schedule:

Intro to Linguistics: Studying the concept of language -- where it comes from, some of the truths about it, and the differences and similarities about all of them. Also we won't be using "grammar" in the sense you're used to. So, part BS, part hippy-dippy grammar. We'll be focusing on "the way we naturally use our language, rather than the principles that have been laid down."

Physical Science: Just when you thought you were done with math, we'll throw math AND chemistry at you! That horrible pain inside your skull like someone is crushing your brain with a vice? That's normal. Wear earplugs so your gray matter doesn't leak out your ears.

Introduction to Creative Writing: Yes, we have an Introduction to Poetry class, and yes it is a prerequisite for Poetry Workshop, and yes this class is a prerequisite for Fiction workshop, so we should technically be working on Fiction rather than poetry, but I don't care if you can't rhyme worth beans, that's what I like so that's what we're doing.

Introduction of Secondary Education: Welcome to Bootcamp for Teachers. We're gonna beat you into the kind of teachers we like.

Modern American Lit: In place of a life, you will spend the rest of this semester reading. You may be as pale as an albino by the time we finish -- you won't have seen sunlight for 3 months, but hey! We're teaching Faulkner!

American Literature Seminar -- Edgar Allan Poe: We heard that you like Poe. Well, I just happen to know everything there is about Mr. Poe. I'm sure you heard all those FILTHY STINKING LIES that the media has published about him -- crazy, a drunk, a drug addict -- and I will spend a ton of time dispelling these FILTHY LIES in a calm and even voice. Oh yeah, and we'll read a bit of his stuff too.

Physical Science Lab: See Physical Science.


Jean said...

Hey, it's Spring Semester. Eventually, you'll be able to do some of that reading outside in the beautiful weather. You can be scantily clad lying on the grass somewhere, forget to turn over when you're engrossed in the latest book (asleep), and get burnt to a crisp on one-half your body. See the fun things you have to look forward to?

beth said...

HA! That is EXACTLY the same as my schedule when I was in college!!!

PJ Hoover said...

Have fun!

My most expensive textbook was $60 and that was a lot at the time.