Friday, January 16, 2009

Resolution Updates

Exercise progress: Decent. I worked out twice this week. My work out time is determined by when I go to bed, and that has been effected (not my fault) the last few days. I've been assaulted with loud neighbors, loud music, and noisy roommates snoring and coughing in their sleep. Hopefully this will improve, and with it, my work out schedule will improve.

Writing Progress: Pretty good. I've been trying to adjust to my class schedule. The plus side: I've written over 1400 words this week, which is more than I've written lately. The down side: I can usually write that in one sitting. The writing is coming slow, and at times I have to fight to get started, but once I get the words going, it feels good. I'm hoping that I can keep a weekly goal of 1500 words a week. That seems to be a good goal that's attainable, that keeps me writing, but also gives me the opportunity to do homework.

Eating Progress: Decent. I've slacked up on portion size and the amount of sweets and other good unhealthy foods that I eat. However, they're still a weakness I have to over come. If I can't have sweets, I find myself tempted by seconds. I have to fight these urges.

Money Progress: Steady as she goes. I haven't been spending much money. Between having to buy extra supplies for school, I've only bought two things: a birthday present for one of my friends, and a sample issue of a magazine that I've been wanting to submit to for a while. I'm considering it research on possible types of stories I could write and submit. Other than that, I've made sure that all urges I have are deterred.

Reading Progress: Very good. I'm about to finish Blaze by Richard Bachman (aka, Stephen King). It's awesome finishing two books so early in the year. Hopefully I can keep this up. It's gonna be bit of a challenge with all of my lit classes, though. However, so far, I've been able to balance them very well.

School Progress: Too soon to call. I can say with full confidence that Edgar Allan Poe is absolutely fantastic! I love that class. Getting to read more Poe is so awesome. I forgot how much I like his stuff. Modern American Lit is also a major improvement. I've been able to complete the readings pretty easily, which is a surprise. I think the difference is 1) the teacher is more charismatic, and therefore gets me more excited about the class, and 2) because it's a different teacher, she picks out better stories to read, ones that engage us more. Creative Writing is still kinda so-so. I'm hoping it will get better as we progress. Intro to Secondary Education is still up in the air. We've only had one class. Physical Science is also up in the air, because it's only the first week. It's easy so far, but I know it won't stay that way. Intro to Linguistics is a puzzle. We haven't really done anything yet. Judgement on that class is being reserved until we actually do something.

And, that's it. Hopefully this post wasn't too boring, but I felt the need to record the progress I'm making, and also record so I can see where I need improvement.

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