Saturday, January 10, 2009

Niftiness and Computer Trials

So, my desktop with, like, 256 mB of memory (I'm sure that's an exaggeration but I'm mad, I have the right to exaggerate) isn't cutting it anymore. So my grandma gave me her old computer, which is newer than mine. After a week of badgering me to come get it, I go get it and take it home. I take it to my room, I hook it up, I turn it on, it detects a wireless network (ours) I connect...and...then it can't detect them anymore. I checked around, and supposedly all I have to do is remove the card and put it back in, and it should fix itself. I hope so. After last night, I threatened to throw it in the street and back over it with my car. I would have done it too, but my family wouldn't let me out the door with it. The saddes thing is, if we get my computer fixed tomorrow, it'll be just in time for me to leave and go back to college. *le sigh*

My brother is also getting an upgrade (yet hand-me-downed) computer -- my mom's old computer. Since that one needs a wireless card to pick up our wireless network, he put the one from his old computer into. Only now the drivers and stuff won't install. The CD just refuses to open. So now he's stuck meandering through the computer's brain, trying to figure out why the CD won't open.

**Update: It seems that the problems have been fixed, finally.**

Anyway, all these computer problems are frustrating, but I found something that kinda makes the unhappiness roll away. It's Jim Carrey, one of my favorite actors, singing "I Am the Walrus" by The Beatles. Don't judge it before you listen to it. I was surprised that he can actually sing, while still putting his own unique touches on it. Even one of my friends, who is a HUGE Beatles freak, really enjoyed the song. Anyway, for you listening and viewing pleasure, Jim Carrey:


beth said...

Ugh, I HATE computer problems! Go Mac--they're so much better :)

Great link--and have I mentioned how much I like the new layout/background?

Jason said...

Heh, yeah. I've thought about converting to Mac, but that won't be for a while.

Thanks. I needed a change after that boring gray layout.

Barrie said...

What is the deal with computers?! Ours began misbehaving the second we moved it out of the office and set it up on a card table. All we want to do is paint the office. And it's turned into a wireless internet problem. Yikes!