Saturday, January 3, 2009

Obligatory Resolutions Post

What? An actual post?! Surely this is a sign of the apocalypse.

Did you all have a good New Year's party? I sure did. I volunteered at the local theater to help watch the kids. It adventure. The downside was someone decided to give out the horns and buzzers 10 minutes early. I had my first horrible headache of the New Year!

Other than that, everything was fun. I was forced into getting on stage and singing a song on the Karaoke machine. I chose Fergalicious. What better song to usher in the new year, right?

Anyway, my resolutions:

1) Continue to work on getting healthier -- cutting out junk food, working out, running, drinking mostly water, etc.

2) Manage my money better. I was way to loose with it last semester, so my resolution is to budget it out better so that I don't blow through it with thoughts like "'s only $5..."

3) Try to get out more and meet more people. This is one that will be really hard, as I'm usually content just hanging in my room when there's nothing going on. The biggest problem will be that I don't know how to meet new people.

4) Try to write more. I have epically failed at writing this last year. I need to work on writing more -- I think I'm gonna try to set up a goal that I can keep at a sustained rate. What I'm thinking about right now is 2000 words a week, and a short story a month. The amount of words may go up or down, depending on how I do, but I will also have a ton of reading from my lit classes, writing from my Creative Writing class, and a play that we'll be doing come February. When that's over...I'm probably gonna want to take a break.

5) Work on doing my homework early rather than procrastinating. I have a problem with putting off my stuff until the last minute because I'd rather do other stuff -- like Facebook. My goal is to make REALLY good grades -- hopefully all A's, but I won't hold my breath, because I've got Physical Science.

So, for the new year, what are your resolutions? Any big goals you want accomplished?


PJ Hoover said...

Great goals!

Wait - you're on Facebook? Of course you are. You're young.
Friend me! PJ Hoover

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Great resolutions--stay strong!
Fergalicious??? Really?

Jason said...

Heh, of course. I wanted to sing the most ridiculous song I could find. I almost sang My Humps, but that one was too mature for the setting.